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AACA Building Fund
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Hershey, Pennsylvania 17033-2219
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Click here to view the floor plans for the new building.

Why Do We Need A New Building?

First, and most critical, is that the AACA Library & Research Center (“America’s Automotive Library”) is at near capacity. Now housing more than 2,000,000 historical documents, the library needs more room to house new donations and new collections which continue to come in regularly. We will be the recipients of several major collections in the future and it is paramount that we provide for these new acquisitions.

Second is the lack of space on the headquarters side for our staff. Your national staff is now fairly cramped and taking on more projects and work each year. If the business model for the future is to be sustained then additional staffing may be on the horizon.

The current facility is very charming and has served our club well. It was a great investment and will be sold to help pay for the new facility. However, it was never intended to be an office building and, due to its unique nature as a former living quarters for Milton Hershey students, it leaves a lot to be desired. The facility is approaching 100-years-old and is in need of a lot of upgrading. It makes little sense to pour money into a structure that still will not meet our needs.

Finally, there is virtually no open land for sale in Derry Township (Hershey) and no other suitable real estate for sale. The opportunity to purchase a perfect-size facility with ample parking in probably the single best location we could ever ask for is just too good to pass up. There are an estimated 10-12 million people who will pass by our newly purchased building every year and we believe with the proper marketing we can raise our visibility and membership simply by being in that location.

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